Policy Analysis

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Course Description

In December 2017 Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO) delivered the third round of the Certified Course on Policy and Institutional Analysis. The course is designed for professionals from Afghan civil society organizations and public institutions, and certified in partnership with Ghent University, Belgium. Thirty three participants from Government, Afghan civil society organizations and international non-government organizations with programming in Afghanistan participated in the Winter 2017 session.

About the course:

Despite significant efforts to support good governance in Afghanistan over the past 16 years and the demonstrated capacity within government institutions and civil society organizations – at least in terms of human capital – systematic and cohesive approaches to address the fundamental needs for good governance in Afghanistan remain lacking and state-civil society relations, a pre-requisite for good governance, remain weak and unstructured. Laws and policies continue to be mostly developed in a technocratic manner and without sufficient input from civil society or learning from reliable bases of evidence.

This course is designed to engage, simultaneously, civil society actors and government authorities on how best to develop strategies, approaches, and sound policies to address such fundamental challenges as food insecurity, access to basic services such as health and education, and freedom from corruption and extortion.

Course contents are developed for students and practitioners interested in the dynamics of decision-making at different scales of organization in volatile environments. The course introduces the participants to the fundamentals of policy and institutional analysis, emphasizing the importance of context specificity. Participants gain in-depth appreciation of different methods, theories, and practical tools to deconstruct complex policy choice problems in different settings and to identify and evaluate viable policy alternatives from a good governance perspective.