Study areas

The cross-certification of GRAD courses in partnership with established academic institutions and professional associations outside Afghanistan is the first of its kind in Afghanistan. The unique learning environment offered by GRAD has the following key characteristics:

  • Learning in accordance with international academic and professional standards in Afghanistan with no interruption of professional career or personal life.
  • International accreditation for successful completion of courses in Afghanistan.
  • Dual certification of successful candidates by partner academic and professional entities and
  • Instruction in English but supplemented with Dari and Pashto to ensure an optimal learning environment.
  • Membership of various alumni groups under Governance Sciences, Operations Management, and Conflict and Development areas with similar groups and networks of partner universities in Europe and North America.
  • Tailor-made learning modules or full programs for government and non-government organizations at the national and sub-national levels.

A diverse and committed faculty delivers cross-certified courses in three thematic areas. These are: